Timeless Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Own

Caledon Collection pieces are made with Caledon Eco-Gems™

Does your jewelry collection stand the test of time? The journey to building your collection – big or small – starts with core pieces. For women of all statures, these timeless pieces will add that little something extra to any outfit or occasion. Universally flattering and timeless pieces are always a good investment and should last longer than the clothes in your closet. Whether you rarely wear jewelry or have a fleeting collection, these pieces are must-haves simply because every woman deserves to sparkle!

While trendy pieces are fun and unique, classic pieces like a solitaire necklace can effortlessly take you from a Royal Ball to your casual Friday. But contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to break the bank to sparkle and shine.

The pieces in Caledon Collection’s signature set are sure to become any woman’s go-to pieces.

Caledon Collection offers the perfect solution – their elegant necklace is identical to real diamonds to the naked eye. Everything from Caledon Collection are man-made, flawless, and free of inclusions – equivalent to a D color grade on the GIA scale.

Caledon Collection offers the perfect solution – their elegant necklace contains the patented Caledon Eco-Gems™. Everything from Caledon Collection is flawless and free of inclusions – equivalent to a D color grade (the best) on the GIA scale. They’re just as brilliant and shiny, and practically as durable, falling at 8.5 on the Mohs. Almost identical to natural diamonds, these perfectly hand-crafted stones are innovative and ethical. Now you don’t have to wait until you’re a “Boss Babe” with her own empire to afford beautiful classic pieces like these – own the best right now at sane prices!


Caledon Eco-Gems™ check every box of the “4C’s” that every gemologist knows by heart!

  • 1) CUT
  • Caledon Eco-Gems™ are always cut as a flawless, round, brilliant shape to reveal the most beautiful and utmost shine.
  • 2) CLARITY
  • Caledon Eco-Gems™ are sparkling and clear of all flaws and imperfections, just like D grade diamonds sold for tens of thousands of dollars on the world market.
  • 3) CARAT
  • You don’t have to skimp on the carat size with Caledon Eco-Gems™. When science meets art, you can pay less and rock a bigger stone!
  • 4) COLOR
  • Most important is the color. Every diamond sold on the world market is chosen for clear, white, luminescent color. Caledon Eco-Gems™ are white, sparkling and gorgeous. You will be wearing the best there is!


Caledon Collection’s signature solitaire necklace is the perfect piece for any occasion.

Your signature necklace should speak to who you are while being suitable for all different occasions. With that in mind, you can never go wrong with a simple, radiant, clean-cut, and elegant pendant. A piece of jewelry like this is timeless, allowing you to pass it on for generations to come – a signature piece with personal significance cannot be beat!

This Caledon Collection sophisticated one carat solitaire pendant is classy, simple, professional, fun, and stylish – what other jewelry piece can say all that? Great for layering but also perfect on its own. This classic Caledon Collection piece will make you shine due to its perfect clarity, brilliant shine, discreet pronged setting, and adjustable sterling silver chain.

DISCOVER Caledon Collection

When art meets science, every piece and stone is guaranteed to be 100% flawless.

When art meets science, every piece and stone is guaranteed to be 100% flawless.

All Caledon Collection pieces come in a smooth velvet blue box for safe-keeping. These pieces are the perfect choice to travel with.

From the best craftsmanship and raw materials, we deliver Caledon Eco-Gems™ that will make you feel priceless every time you walk out the door - while still allowing you to wine, dine, brunch, and travel to your heart’s content!

by Katrina Wolf